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Financial quantum solutions

Efficient quantum solutions for fragmented data

Today, the 3.8 Trillion dollar muni bond market suffers from many of the same shortcomings of the stock market in the era before electronic trading. Less than 85% of the 11 Billion dollars in daily trade volume is facilitated electronically and often execute outside of the best market price.

In this market, both price discovery and asset valuation are complex and it is difficult if not impossible to achieve in real time. Fiqus allows bond traders to easily find the optimum trade solutions for the criteria they deem most important. Our approach is fundamentally different to major competitors in this space. We go beyond mparket-making to suggest trades, and series of trades, to that fits with the long-term strategy for each investor.

Using hybrid classical and quantum optimization, we provide customized recommendations to financial managers on what available bonds they can swap out and in to improve their portfolios’ key metrics using our Hyperian recommender system. Hyperian allows us to index, analyze and deliver accurate results, instantly, every time through the power of quantum computing. 

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