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Eldercare COVID-19 Tracking


Qu-Care provides an all-in-one COVID-19 response

via precise, anonymized indoor tracking 

using existing infrastructure


Why should you Qu-Care?

  • High-Precision Spatial and Temporal Resolution

  • Intuitive Interface: Our web-based interface allows administrators to easily configure, track, and monitor analyses.

  • Ultra Secure: As data is captured, it is obfuscated using tokenization and cryptographic technologies. That captured data is encrypted at rest and in transit and discarded after a defined time period, based on the client compliance policies

  • Instantaneous Deployment: Our solution does not require any changes to existing WiFi or Bluetooth infrastructure, ensuring easy and cost-effective deployment

  • Predictive Analytics: Our analyses will help you identify and avoid potential high-risk situations

  • Tested Solution: Over 600M users worldwide


Resident Safety

When your facility reopens to visitors, how will you know who came in contact with whom?

With our unintrusive CCPA & GPDR compliant solution, you will know where, when, and for how long interactions occurred.

Risk Reduction

Qu-Care allows facilities to locate individuals by category: Employees, visitors, residents, security personnel, and more to identify who was exposed.

Qu-Care learns patterns and provides predictive analytics to allow facilities to optimize path movement and density for all exposure minimization.

Rapid Containment

Leverage Qu-Care's Site Management Solution to identify and map high traffic areas and those visited by infected individuals. 

Once someone is infected, Qu-Care provides administrators with data detailing the recent history of where, when and with whom the infected person interacted.

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