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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Rapid Containment via Contact Tracing:
Reducing Employee Risk after COVID-19

When an emergency like the COVID-19 outbreak occurs in a corporate facility or campus, it is important to determine the incident location in order to contain the outbreak. Our solution uses real-time data collected from mobile and wi-fi signatures that identify presence and movement of people based on their mobile phones and presence on wi-fi access points.

Intuitive Interface: Our web-based interface allows administrators to easily configure, track, monitor and view analyses.

Ultra Secure: As data is captured, it is obfuscated using tokenization and cryptographic technologies.  That captured data is encrypted at rest and in transit and discarded after a defined period of time, based on the client compliance policies

Zero Downtime: Our solution does not require any changes to existing WiFi or Bluetooth infrastructure, ensuring easy and cost-effective deployment

Employee Safety

You invite your staff back to the office after quarantine and someone has tested positive for COVID-19. 


How do you keep them safe and productive without sending staff home again?

Business Continuity

Our Coronavirus Contact Tracing Solution offers significant advantages over other solutions such as the  Apple / Google contact tracing app.


Our solution uses the existing private network

to precisely identify location and dwell times.

Rapid Containment

Coronavirus control measures can be optimized by leveraging our Site Management Solution to identify and physically map high use areas, and those areas visited by infected individuals. 

Once someone is infected, management can quickly check the recent history of where, when and with whom the infected person interacted.

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