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Quantum-Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Unlimited Parallelization for AI

While it has experienced a recent surge in popularity, Artificial Intelligence has been around since the beginning of conventional computing. The problem is that although AI is massively parallel, it is limited by classical computers which have to execute instructions step by step. This linear processing dramatically restricts the ability of AI to meet its potential, kind of like putting a Toyota Prius engine in a Ferrari. No matter how good it looks, you’re only going to be able to go so fast. Quantum computing will revolutionize Artificial Intelligence in that we will finally have a brain that is capable of running the software.


To fully realize this quantum future, companies will need to take a completely new approach towards how they deliver Enterprise Technology. Quantum computing and AI will fundamentally change the way companies provide value to their customers. Whether complex logistics, modeling of molecules, or amplification of AI, quantum computing will give companies the ability to solve the problems that conventional computers simply cannot. Let the Quantum Thought team be the force that enables your company to capture the potential of this revolutionary change.

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