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Quantum Consulting for Enterprise

Image by Christopher Burns

Your partner for enterprise quantum computing

Whether you already know your quantum computing application needs, or are looking to develop quantum strategies, Quantum Thought is your partner for no-nonsense quantum computing.

We have developed proprietary offerings that will help you understand the inflection points in your business that can benefit from quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence. This is not a theoretical exercise in that we will identify custom strategic opportunities relevant to your strengths and initiatives, and clearly show you how to capitalize on them.  We also offer corporate education enabling your company to build its own quantum applications. We provide executive education sessions as well as quantum coding bootcamps for your engineering teams. Contact us to learn how we can educate your decision makers on the coming quantum revolution and what it means for your business.

Whatever we recommend, we can also implement:

  • Financial services – combating fraud detection and portfolio management


  • Materials science – modeling small and large molecules which would allow for designer medicines and new materials to be created


  • Logistics - optimizing routes for maximum efficiency 

  • Quantum roadmapping - roadmapping can give you a significant advantage over your competitors who are already struggling to understand the monumental implications of quantum computing.


There are many more areas where quantum computers will enhance artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are seeing increased computer power as just recently IBM announced a 64 qubit volume which really gives processing power of 2 to the 64th which is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 of processing power on one machine!

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