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Quantum Thought is the world’s premier quantum computing launchpad for the founding generation of quantum computing applications. We'll work with your team to apply the latest in quantum computing breakthroughs to keep your data safe, and your capabilities miles ahead of the competition. 



Our Mission is to create, incubate, launch and guide amazing quantum companies and foundational technologies that will enable a variety of industries to enter the Quantum Era. 


The Quantum Thought areas of focus were each born from the unprecedented synergy between our researchers who share decades of experience in Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Physics, and our seasoned business executives who know how to build, scale, protect and innovate. All of our companies have access to shared resources which are not only limited to software but include subject matter experts, capital, legal, exclusive events and operational support.  

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Quantum Materials & CHEMISTRY

Molecular modeling is a key area of quantum computing and proves very difficult and often impossible for classical computing. By developing circuits in quantum computers, we can begin to model molecules we never could before, enabling breakthroughs in novel materials and chemicals. We employ the most appropriate modeling approach and quantum algorithms using the most recent published advances in quantum chemistry to bring quantum-enabled materials science and chemistry to your R&D. 


While it has experienced a recent surge in popularity, Artificial Intelligence has been around since the beginning of conventional computing. The problem is that although AI is massively parallel, it is limited by classical computers which have to execute instructions step by step. This linear processing dramatically restricts the ability of AI to meet its potential, kind of like putting a Toyota Prius engine in a Ferrari. No matter how good it looks, you’re only going to be able to go so fast. Quantum computing will revolutionize Artificial Intelligence in that we will finally have a brain that is capable of running the software.


To fully realize this quantum future, companies will need to take a completely new approach towards how they deliver Enterprise Technology. Quantum computing and AI will fundamentally change the way companies provide value to their customers. Whether complex logistics, modeling of molecules, or amplification of AI, quantum computing will give companies the ability to solve the problems that conventional computers simply cannot. Let the Quantum Thought team be the force that enables your company to capture the potential of this revolutionary change.


Modern encryption protocols assume that an attacker cannot efficiently factor large integers into prime factors, otherwise they would be able to trivially decrypt pieces of data. Unfortunately for standard encryption, one of the most basic quantum algorithms - Shor's Algorithm - does just that. 

Quantum Thought has developed enterprise toolsets and expertise in post-quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution that are available TODAY. We can help you protect your most valuable digital assets against both the most cutting edge classical computing hacks as well as the coming quantum threats. 


At Quantum Thought, we have developed proprietary offerings that will help you understand the inflection points in your business that can benefit from quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence. This is not a theoretical exercise in that we will identify specific strategic opportunities and clearly show you how to capitalize on them. Whatever we recommend, we can also implement. 


If you would like to take your quantum future into your own hands, we also offer corporate education to enable your company to build its own quantum applications. Contact us to learn how we can help educate your decision makers on the coming quantum revolution and what it means for your business. We offer executive education sessions as well as quantum coding bootcamps for your engineering teams to suit your professional needs and goals